Hi everyone, founder Boredfan1 here with an idea on how to roleplay more properly on the chat when we roleplay Naruto world style in order to make things more fun when doing so. Bear in mind this is not a requirement, it is optional however, I ask everyone to at least try it once before deciding if they want to do it or not.

The Idea

Okay so, first off, everyone puts a infobox template on their profile and fills it out though without putting real world personal info on it to keep their privacy. Once that is done, 

In order to use this new way of roleplaying, users choose a infobox for characters and place it on their profile then they get to work filling it out with Naruto world information as to prevent any personal details of the user from being leaked to those who would abuse it. Once filled out, the users then use that information in the chat room roleplaying to dictate what they can and can't do in battles and in general so nobody can do a god move such as blow the whole world up or something.


  1. No user may list a technique on their infobox that they did not create, the same goes for Kekkei Genkai of all types however, certain techniques such as Sage Mode and Kekkei Genkai such as the Rinnegan and Sharingan can be listed if you have been approved for them through an application while things like the Byakugan can be listed without needing to apply.
  2. NO one may have multiple Dojutsu listed unless they have the Sharingan and they are listing the variations Mangkyo Sharingan and Eternal Mangkyo Sharingan which both must be approved on a character to be listed.
  3. Users are not limited on how many techniques can be listed nor are they restricted on how many of the base releases such as Yin Release, Yang Release, Yin-Yang Release, Lightning Release, Water Release, Wind Release, Fire Release and Earth Release however, they can't list advanced natures that are unfinished and doesn't have a character who can use it which must have participated in at least five Role plays.
  4. Anyone with a Jinchuriki who has been approved can list that beast on their infobox however, only ONE Jinchriki can be listed on a user's infobox.
  5. Since Kekkei Tota is something anyone can learn if they have the natures, those may be listed on a user's infobox however, these Tota must have at least one character user and four techniques listed under the Tota first.
  6. Stealing another person's Dojutsu in a role play is strictly forbidden, the only way that can accure is if you have a character that has been approved to get a transplate of that kind of dojutsu from another character.


Boredfan1/Naruto World Chat Roleplaying
Name Boredfan1
Kanji Unknown
Romanji Unknown
Personal Status
Age 17
Gender Male
Height Undisclosed
Hometown Undisclosed
Home Country USA/Land of Fire :P
Occupation Author/The wiki's Hokage
Previous Occupation Author/Naruto fan
Family User:Boredfan1#Characters
Rank Hokage
Classification Kage & Sage
Kekkei Genkai Fūingan
Kekkei Tōta Lucky for you, none!
Tailed Beasts Shukaku
Nature Type 15px Wind Release
15px Water Release
15px Yin Release
15px Lightning Release
15px Sound Release
15px Cloud Release
Jutsu User:Boredfan1#Wind_Release
Sage Mode
User:Boredfan1#Kekkei Genkai
Weapons Shuriken

I hope you guys like it!