Due to the fact we are a fanon wiki for the Naruto series, I must warn all readers that this wiki contains spoilers for the Naruto series and that by delving further, you agree to taking the risk of spoiling the series for yourself.

Welcome to The Naruto Fanon Wiki

Welcome to The Naruto Fanon Wiki, a branch wiki to the mother site Narutopedia and sister wiki to both the Naruto Fanon and Naruto Fanon Central wiki's however, we aspire to surpass both them and our mother site as one of the greatest wiki's around for Naruto by being the most friendly, helpful and creative community possible.

Although our site is young and has a small community, our staff is on daily, doing their job to the best of their ability and responding with great speed to whatever needs to be responded to while our active users are usually always on either chatting in the chat or making edits. Our administration system is quickly becoming one of the best in the wiki world due to the experience and knowledge poured into it by our staff so you can trust things will go smoothly here!

Our wiki was founded by Boredfan1 , lord of the bored and Na'Jorne who created the first official versions of all our current policies and uploaded many of our current pictures by themselves though much of what is here today is also thanks to the rest of our community as well.

What Is Naruto?

Naruto is about a boy named Naruto Uzumaki who has had a powerful demon sealed within since the day of his birth and because of this, he has lived a very lonely life however, with the help of friends, he is able to become a rather great ninja. This series is both an anime and a manga however, the manga is simply called Naruto and can be found at Manga Panda while the anime is split into two parts, the first being called Naruto Shonen Jump and the other Naruto Shippuden. Both can be watched on numerous websites but one of the better ones would be Hulu, they have every episode though most are subtitled in english rather than dubbed.