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The Sage of The Six Paths Speaks

Welcome all to the official page for the wiki's administration system. On this wiki, the role of Sage of The Six Paths has fallen on me, User:Boredfan1 being the founder. This article contains all the rules, guidelines and duties of each type of staff member which has been thoroughly detailed to prevent any sort of abuse of the system however, no system is perfect so I apologize in advance for any trouble our staff causes.

I wish to impress on both staff members and normal users alike that when I am not around, I expect you to behave as if I was here because I do not miss much so if you misbehave, I will find out and you will be punished. Staff members should also understand that I expect more from them than normal members because being members of the staff, they must be an example to normal members.

Hopefully everyone can live up to my standards although I do recognize it won't happen right away so users will have time to adjust and learn. If you believe my standards are too high to be attained, then I apologize and I will try to adjust them to be more reasonable if enough people agree.

Staff Positions

  • Sage of The Six Paths - User:Boredfan1
  • Lightning Daimyō - 
  • Wind Daimyō - 
  • Fire Daimyō - 
  • Water Daimyō - 
  • Earth Daimyō - 
  • The Raikage (Lightning Shadow) of Kumogakure - User:ISavage
  • The Kazekage (Wind Shadow) of Sunagakure - User:EmperorSigma
  • The Hokage (Fire Shadow) of Konohagakure - User:Boredfan1 (Temporary)
  • The Mizukage (Water Shadow) of Kirigakure - User:Kaitan
  • The Tsuchikage (Earth Shadow) of Iwagakure - User:Na'Jorne







Duties By Staff Types

Sage of The Six Paths

The sage's duty is to keep an eye on the rest of the staff to ensure they are doing they job and doing it well. If a member of the staff is not doing their job or not doing it well, the sage has the duty of warning that person and if they continue to do badly after two warning that month or the previous month, then they will be demoted to a lower staff position or in the case of mods and rollbacks, reverted to a normal user.

While the sage has this power, he or she should not use it when another staff member with the right authority can do the job for them however, the sage always has to look after the bureaucrats with the title of Fuedal Lord as they are probably the most destructive if they go bad. Should a Fuedal Lord go bad, the sage has the duty of contacting Wikia staff and asking the abuser to be removed from his position as a bureaucrat ASAP.

Of course, the sage's duty is not just to keep an eye on the staff, he or she also has the duty of promoting someone to a higher staff position than what they currently hold but the sage can't promote a normal user to rollback or mod, those are protege to a certain kage and that kage must choose his own protege. Although the sage can promote someone to a higher staff position without consulting the council of Fuedal Lords, the council may override the sage if they have a majority agreement that the promotion is premature or otherwise unnecessary.

Other duties include taking over the jobs of staff members who are inactive or otherwise not around when a job needs to be done fast, coming up with advertisement campaigns for promoting the wiki, hosting council meetings, calling emergancy council meetings and choosing his or successor as Sage of The Six Path. While the sage can choos their successor without the council's approval, the council can override the sage's decision if they believe the person is wrong for the job with a majority vote.

Fuedal Lords

As your probably aware, the Fuedal Lords are basically rulers of a specific country, thus they rank higher than even the five Kage who the kage must appease in order to keep their positions. Their job on this wiki is pretty much the same, to keep an eye on the kage of their country and demote warn or demote them should they get out of hand. If you are unsure what I mean, then it is simply, the Fire Daimyō or Fuedal Lord of the Land of Fire is encharge of looking after the Hokage who governs Konohagakure in the Land of Fire.

They also have the authority to challenge their kage's decision on who they, that is the kage's protege are as to prevent the kage from making the wrong choice. If a kage chooses to ignore their Daimyō and make someone their protege anyways, the Daimyō can go to the council or the Sage of The Six Paths if they believe the chosen protege is wrong for the job and plead to investegate the claim. While there will be no penalties for the Daimyō being wrong usually, too many times will result in a warning for the Daimyō and after three warnings, he or she will be demoted.

Fuedal Lords also serve as the council for the Sage of The Six paths, helping the sage make the wisest decisions and vetoeing any unwise decisions with a majority council vote however, they also serve to look after the other Fuedal Lords to make sure they are not abusing their power and reporting any abuse to the council or Sage though they can't usually call emergancy meetings.

Their final duty is to promote council approved protege to the position of Kage as well as demoting protege to normal user status should they abuse their power. While they don't normally need council approval for demotions, certain circumstances may call for it.

While what is mentioned above is their major duties, they also have minor duties such as making the Fuedal Lord for their country, overseering the creation of the fanon Kage and general jurisdiction over their country in fanfictions and roleplaying.


The Kage are users who hold the rank of admin, also holding the special group known as sysop however, each of the five have their own set of duties that doesn't always include the duties of the other four and can't usually interefere with the duties of other kage without special permission from the Sage of The Six Paths or the bureaucrat encharge of them. Each Kage controls the village related to their post so the Hokage would have jurisdiction over Konohagakure in fanfictions and roleplaying however, they have no jurisdiction over the country that their village resides in, that honor belongs to their specific Fuedal Lord.

Of course, that means each Kage must make a fanon Kage for their village and have a backstory on how they become the Kage of their village which includes being appointment to the position and recieving approval by their Fuedal Lord.  While they have these specific tasks, each can help normal users in various ways as long as it doesn't enterfere with the duties of another staff member.

In times when there are no Fuedal Lords to advice the Sage of The Six Paths, the five Kage and their most senior protege (must be at least two or one that has been a protege for at least six months) will act as the council to the Sage until the the five Fuedal Lords are appointed. When a Fuedal Lord is appointed, the Kage they are encharge of who has taken there place until their appointment will become a normal Kage and no longer participate in council meetings.

The Raikage

The Raikage is responsible for control of content such as making sure characters are not overpowered, break content policies or otherwise go against canon. This means the Raikage and his/her protege must prowl the site looking for articles that break the rules and deal with it, either by deleting said article which should be a last resort or placing the appropiate tag on it in order to notify the owner of their infraction of the rules.

Each week, the Raikage must go through the wiki's history and delete pages from permanently banned users or articles which break multiple rules or one rule multiple times with the author having no intention of fixing it. It is encouraged to make sure that they have left the appropiate template on the article and that is has been there for a certain amount of days before deletion when it comes to articles of active users that break rules.

In cases where the author continues to edit without fixing the errors mentioned on the tag, the Raikage can delete said article as each edit would be another case of violating the rules. Of course, it is also encouraged to leave a message on the page's talk page explaining why the tag is there or leave the message on the user's message wall.

Should the Raikage find policies that are out of date meaning they need an update or no longer are necessary, the Raikage can notify the Sage or the Fuedal Lord encharge of him, discussing with either of them his or her thoughts about it. Normally, the Raikage and Lightning Daimyō are all that is needed to make these changes however, there may be times when the council needs to be consulted before changes are made.

While the Raikage can add new policies, he or she must run it by their Daimyō first for approval however, the Daimyō can be overruled by either the council, the Sage or a majority disagreement by the site's users. Of course, all changes made to policies and the creation of new policies must be run by the other Kage so they know what is going on and so the Mizukage can add th changes to the community message so everyone may learn of it.

The Raikage also has the duty of making the tag templates and categories for policies so it can be placed on articles when needed and also must fix them if broken or update them when the policy is updated.

Although it should be a last resort, the Raikage, like all Kage can autoblock users who severly break the rules such as trolls and reporting their action to the Hokage however, the Raikage can't permanetely block or dictate who is unblocked as that is the Hokage's job.

The Kazekage


The Hokage


The Mizukage


The Tsuchikage




Jonin Commanders





Council Meetings