Mangekyō Sharingan

  • Like the Sharingan, no one is allowed to put it on a character before getting it approved otherwise it will be removed immediately.
  • ALL techniques must be original and your own, canon techniques will immediately be removed and the user required to make edits to any page with it.
  • When asking for the Mangekyō Sharingan you will post a message on the wall of Insert name here with either a link to your character or a brief overview of the character and a reason why you wish to have it. Reasons such as "It's cool" or "Because it's my favorite dojutsu" won't cut it. You must also prepare a dojutsu technique for your character that will be inspected and if both your character and the technique checks out, you will be approved.
  • A very clearly written and well explained reason why they need it, how it will effect them and the world at large.
  • Transplanting the Mangekyō Sharingan into your character that is not an Uchiha will require more detailed reason why it should be allowed and it must accrue in an RP, staged transplants will not be allowed, all participants will be warned and the RP trashed.
  • No one will be allowed to even apply for the Mangekyō Sharingan until they have been loyal to the wiki for at least two months with little no godmodding or similarly unfair things present over that period of time. See the Guidelines page for further information.
  • Every member is only allowed to have one Mangekyō Sharingan character as well as Eternal Mangekyō and losing their eyes without a transplant must result in death.

Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan (Coming Soon)

Rinnegan (Coming Soon)

Wood Release (Started)

Wood Release is a fun nature to use. Although, on this wikia we don’t allow it under any circumstance. This is only because Wood Release can only access by having it genetically inserted. Some of you may think that would make sense but that is a slim to none chance. And slim is out of town.Some of you make not very much like this policy but, this is necessary.

Fanfiction Use

Even though what I just said about it being banned, it is allowed. But, it can only be through one way. Fanfiction. You will have to give a detailed explanation of how that certain character achieved it. Although, it must not be a copy character of Yamato. You are allowed to say that it was genetically inserted but, it has to be very different from Yamato's story. Or, you can be a Senju member but, you will need to explain how they even found out how they had this VERY rare ability.

Ranmaru's Dōjutsu Policy


  • In order to apply for this dōjutsu, applicants must have one month experience and eight hundred edits as well as either no history breaking roleplaying rules or the whole previous month having stayed clean or the application will be thrown out.
  • Because only one person has ever possessed this dōjutsu in canon, you must very throughly explain how your character has it and how it effects your characer as well as how the world sees them. It won't be met with casual comments like "oh cool, you have it' for example since it is an exceptionally rare dōjutsu, even more so than the Rinnegan.
  • Unlike most restricted things, a character can be made for it to apply with like the Jinchuriki policy however, I require a detailed description of a technique associated with your character for inspection to guage your potential with the dōjutsu and how seriously you take it. Should you fail the inspection, you can apply for it again as many times as you desire and I will offer my constructive criticism to help you improve it.

Abilities List

  • The ability to see and hear things from long distances, allowing him to see through walls with an x ray vision type thing though the vision has similar limits as the Byakugan.
  • Ranmaru's vision also lets him locate and track others by sensing chakra, picking up chakra from long distances, and noticing changes in an individual's chakra. It is also able to sense how many individuals are present.
  • Preform irresistable genjutsu even the all seeing Byakugan is fooled by.
  • Ranmaru's vision has heightened perception and analytical powers, similar to those of the Sharingan, meaning he can comprehend any details he sees.
  • Telepathy, the ability to read minds.
  • The ability to see a person's life force which can be used to predict the opponent's next move or tell if someone was alive.
  • Finally, the ability to transfer part of his own life force to completely heal someone who is mostly dead.

Kekkei Tota Policy

Jinchūriki Policy

Sage Mode Policy